Tape Backups, Key For Data Storage

For all businesses, information backups are necessary to ensure the business can recover from catastrophes such as hurricanes, fires, floods or a hardware failure. If businesses don’t have critical data backed up, even a minor situation can turn into a disaster. Tape backups remain a key for backing up and archiving data.

Tape backups provide businesses with data storage that is:

  • Portable. You can easily transport tape backups to multiple off-site locations for security. A strong disaster recovery strategy includes off-site storage as a critical factor for successful recovery. Tape is a great way of isolating your data and protecting the files from data loss.
  • Easily stored for long-term archiving. Even if files are inactive, you still have to keep them and tape backups provide a great solution for storing and protecting data for long periods of time.
  • Less vulnerability to spreading a virus. A tape backup allows companies more points in time to convert back to and provides a secondary recovery method if an online approach fails. With tapes, you will have an archive that was created prior to the infection which provides a virus-free restore.

By having a reliable data storage solution in place to store and backup vital information, the risk of losing valuable data is reduced. Tape backups are an important tool for businesses to recover from the unpredictable disasters.

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