Tape Has Its Benefits to Prevent Ransomware Attacks!

According to Sophos IT Security, the average bill for recovering from a ransomware attack, including downtime, people hours, device costs, network costs, lost opportunities, ransom paid, etc. was $1.85 million in 2021. You’ve seen it with the Colonial Pipeline that halted operations until agreeing to pay the full ransom of $4.4 million dollars.

With ransomware and breach attacks increasing, it’s essential that you have a reliable backup plan in place. Not only is tape storage versatile, but tape storage is becoming more and more cost effective due to its increased storage capabilities. More importantly, tape storage is stored off-line so malware has no direct on-line connection to a cloud based network.

Here are some key advantages to tape storage:


  • Increased Tape Speed:  According to TechTarget, tape is also becoming faster. LTO-8 tapes can manage 350 MBps data rates, or 750 MBps compressed. That is fast enough for systems such as business intelligence of analytics to read archived data from tape, as well as to cut backup and recovery times.
  • Tape is Eco-Friendly:  Tape storage is a great way to reduce energy costs versus spinning disk storage That generates large amounts of heat and constantly needs cooling whereas tape storage requires little to no electricity and can be stored offsite in a temperature controlled environment
  • Tape offers an Air Gap:  Archived tape is retained separately offline or “Air Gapped” from the main network. If it’s off-line, this allows your business to recover your vital data in the event of a ransomware attack
  • Increased Storage Capacity:  The newest LTO tape cartridges can hold 18 TB and 45 TB compressed. This advancement in tape capacity is a major game changer when compared to cloud based storage with an annual growth rate of 30%


Finally, no matter how you decide to back-up your data, store it at a secure, offsite location that is temperature and humidity controlled. That’s just as important as the type of storage you choose. Stevens & Stevens’ climate-controlled vault is designed specifically for the secure storage and preservation of all types of backup data storage.

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