The Better Way to Destroy Data

When the time comes to delete or completely destroy data from your computer system, laptop, hard drive or other devise, safety and security should be top of mind. By now we all know that simply deleting or reformatting information is not the answer and puts you at risk of ID theft or data breaches.

Sure, you can try to manually delete all files. But if you expect to completely delete a file by hitting the delete key, you are sadly mistaken. Even after hitting delete, the file remains stored in the computer’s database and, in the hands of the wrong person, it can still be recovered quite easily.

As for reformatting a disk, when done correctly it may erase data from the hard drive but only if done correctly and it takes specific knowledge and skill to do so. Without that knowledge, those files can still be retrieved.

There are also people who look to physically smash a hard drive on their own. While that may seem like a good option, drilling holes in the hard drive, taking a hammer to it, taking it apart piece by piece or even microwaving it just won’t get the job done and may still leave your files vulnerable to identity theft or an information breach.

The only 100% certain way to destroy data is through a certified document and data destruction firm. At Stevens & Stevens Business Records Management we can shred your hard drives, storage tapes, DVDs, CDs, zip drives and all other storage devises. The result is an unreadable pile of debris that comes with a Certificate of Destruction to serve as proof of your compliance and corporate due diligence.

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