The Importance of Offsite Data Storage

Data RecoveryFor companies that are concerned about the security and integrity of their data, an onsite data backup plan is simply not enough. Disasters such as major cyber attacks or physical fires can wipe out the digital or physical records, costing companies money both in terms of lost opportunities and time spent replacing data. Customer satisfaction is also significantly reduced when a company is incapable of fulfilling its duties due to a loss of data.

The Best Solution to Data Storage Security Concerns

The best way to make sure that crucial files are always available is to use offsite data storage. Companies can store data in a remote location using disk drives and other forms of removable storage media.

With offsite data storage, crucial data is encrypted and compressed so that it can be stored at a lower cost. The data is often connected to a network, such as the Internet, allowing for organizations to immediately access data after an emergency.

Saving Money with Offsite Data Storage

Managing the offsite data storage point can be be expensive, which is why some companies offer data storage services. Multiple companies can store their data on the same server, allowing for a reduction of costs. Companies have access to customer support, giving them the peace of mind to know that someone will always be available to help when there is an emergency.

Backup operations are also carried out automatically, which ensures that there is never a time when the data is not secure. This frees up time and attention and allows it to be allocated to tasks that have a more direct impact on the profitability of the business.

Many offsite data storage services offer a variety of storage options based on the needs of the company. For data that must be retrieved quickly, the best option is to use disk storage. However, for data that does not need to be accessed very often and for which security is a high concern, tapes are a better form of storage. Tapes are also much more cost-effective. Regardless of which option is used, the data is typically encrypted to reduce the chance of unauthorized access.

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