There’s a Right Way To Destroy That Old Computer Hard Drive

There’s a right way to destroy that old computer hard drive

Today, more than ever before, office equipment is swapped out as new, more advanced technology is brought in. When the time comes to get rid of items like computers, it’s crucial to be sure those items are disposed of in the proper way, particularly the hard drive where data is stored.

Just deleting files doesn’t do the job

You may think that deleting files and tossing the computer into the dumpster is the answer. It may be an easy answer, but simply deleting files won’t erase the data from the hard drive.

Deleting a file only removes the file name from the file directory. Your operating system no longer knows where the file is, so it assumes it’s gone. But that’s not the case…it remains on the hard drive and could be retrieved by someone with the right tools.

Why can’t I just do it myself

We’ve heard of people trying a number of alternatives – drilling holes in the hard drive with a power drill, pounding nails into it with a hammer, driving over the hard drive with your car, or tossing it into the firepit in the backyard.

Deleting and destroying confidential information is not a project for you to do in the backroom at work or garage at home. Data can still be retrieved from partially damaged hard drives. When it comes to shredding or pulverizing a hard drive to be sure that all information is deleted and destroyed. Leave it to a professional.

Destroy that hard drive the right way

When done the right way, the hard drive will be shredded and it will be completely destroyed. When that important job is performed by a professional team, like Stevens & Stevens Business Records Management, it’s guaranteed. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction that serves as proof of compliance and corporate due diligence.

The next time you look to upgrade computers, don’t forget the old computer hard drive and take the necessary steps to properly destroy the information and protect your company’s records.

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