Tips to streamline your business productivity

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” This old adage never seems truer than on a Monday morning, when your plans of accomplishing big things are quickly overthrown by administrative tasks. While these administrative responsibilities are vital to your business, they also seem to suck up your precious time. A Monday morning that could have been spent developing strategic plans for your business growth is now a morning spent organizing folders, filling out invoices or combing through resumes.

Streamline your Monday morning and your business overall with these three tips:

  • Invest in accounting software. Accounting software has become quite sophisticated. It can do everything from automating bill pay to generating invoices to setting up payment reminders. If you’re still manually entering everything on a spreadsheet, you’re probably spending hours more than you should. No one said tracking expenses and managing your books would be fun, but they also never said it had to take time away from more important things.
  • Manage digital information more efficiently. It’s a daily challenge to manage information securely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Stevens and Stevens Business Records Management offers hosting and data repository tools that enable your business to have instant access to documents after they’ve been digitally scanned. This solution is HIPAA compliant and doesn’t require you to make costly hardware and software investments. Reduce the bottlenecks of paper intensive processes and strengthen disaster protection, enhance information protection and improve regulatory compliance at the same time.
  • Efficiently hire, schedule and empower employees. Right from the get-go, hiring employees can be streamlined with an online application form that has elimination criteria based on availability, salary or education level. Once the hiring process is over, use scheduling software that automatically scans for errors and tracks employee hours. This can be linked up to payroll software too. Finally, remember that thoroughly training employees and empowering them to solve problems will eliminate many issues before they come up.

Just because an administrative task has to get done doesn’t mean it has to take away all of your valuable time. Follow these tips to streamline your business productivity, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions about document hosting.

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