“To Scan, or Not to Scan” That IS the question.

img-document-scanningShakespeare obviously didn’t have document scanning in mind when he penned his famous phrase. But the dilemma presented is somewhat similar. Should your employees be utilizing scanning options more than they currently do?

Paper is not only expensive, but it can also often cause more work and headaches after a document is physically produced. Scanning can eliminate some of those concerns.

Why should you scan your documents? Here are a few basic reasons why it makes sense:

  • Reduced storage and administrative costs Once you’ve created a paper document it has to be filed and maintained, increasing employee workload and increasing the office budget.
  • Improved search and editing functions – With digital records you can search documents by keywords or phrases and edit them at your desk, or even from your mobile device.
  • Protection from disaster or theft – With the proper security and backup policies in place, you never have to worry about a missing document or record.

A paperless office may still be a little far-fetched, but with the right resources and guidance, you can certainly take advantage of technology to reduce your dependence on paper. Consult a records management professional for help on how to start.

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