Top Ten Records Management Tasks That Should Be On Your To-Do List

Is your records management task list growing on a daily basis? Need to know what you should focus on? Consider the follow ten tasks and you will be able to focus on the key areas and not wasting time reinventing the wheel with your records management tasks.


  1. Identify activities for each program area (Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting, etc.) and determine what records are needed to document those activities.
  2. Create sufficient records to document the identified activities.
  3. Maintain the records in a way that allows employees who need access to find and retrieve what they need.
  4. Destroy records that have met the appropriate record retention periods.
  5. Keep official records separate from non-record materials.
  6. Store records in a secure, climate controlled area.
  7. Create backup files and store at an offsite facility.
  8. Delegate an employee to be responsible for maintaining the records management program.
  9. Convert hard copy documents to electronic records.
  10. Make your records management program cost effective.
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