Trusting your Records Management Professional

trustblogTrust is an important factor when it comes to selecting a records management company to handle your business records. Knowing that they meet or exceed industry standards for security, confidentiality and compliance means that when a record leaves your business it will be handled with the highest level of care. Records management companies can bring peace of mind to your place of business with a number of solutions for paper and digital records that feature off-site and secure storage, designed specifically for your business.

If you are a records-intensive business there are several important reasons why it makes it makes sense to hire a records management company to design a records solution for your business.

  • Use your office space wisely! – Storing out-of-date or unneeded records in your office is expensive, and takes up space that could be used for more productive work. Off-site, secure climate-controlled storage also protects your information assets from loss or theft.
  • Chain of custody is critical – Controlling the confidentiality of your records by insuring that sensitive documents are handled and shredded securely throughout the process reduces the opportunity for fraud or identity theft issues.
  • Certification and Compliance – Look for companies that have the Prism Privacy+ certification which demonstrates the highest level of security in the industry for client information assets.
  • Training and Screening – Certified data destruction professionals are screened to ensure that records are kept confidential and secure from pickup to storage or destruction. Employees are also trained on the latest technologies to ensure that sensitive information is protected at all times.

Records management companies can help any business owner deliver off-site records management solutions that give companies and their employees control over and 24/7 access to their business documents and information. Knowing that your critical business information is handled securely can reduce the time you spend thinking about records management, and let you invest that time and energy into something more productive.

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