Who says Records Management Systems can’t be fun and thought-provoking?

three-stooges-516165_320Have you heard these common expressions? Time is money. How about Thomas Jefferson’s famous quote, “Information is the currency of democracy.” Deep thinkers have been tossing these sayings around for centuries, but the thought behind them points to a more profound understanding. Records, and record keeping, can be just as important as the product or service a business provides.

While the importance of records management can’t be understated, the ability to laugh at some of the foibles of office dis-organization also shouldn’t be ignored. Chaos and confusion can be funny. Just watch an old Charlie Chaplin movie or The Three Stooges and you’ll see that played out in spectacular fashion.

Here’s a quick sampling of some records management humor:

  • “Archivists make it last longer.” – Unknown Author.
  • “To shred or not to shred, that is the question.” – Presumably borrowed from William Shakespeare.
  • “Know when to hold ’em, stow ’em or throw ’em.” Well, that first part certainly owes something to Kenny Rogers.

Keeping a good balance between organization and a positive work environment goes a long way in keeping your employees happier and more productive. So the next time somebody says records management is boring, throw one of these gems at them.

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