Why should you protect your information assets – Data Protection

data protectionIt seems like an easy question to answer, but many businesses simply don’t protect their records or other data beyond the basics. Having a designated place in your office or place of business for records seems like it should be good enough, or having one employee who takes care of the records because “they know where everything is.”

What this scenario doesn’t do is protect your business from the uncertainty and disaster that can strike any business. What if a hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster destroys your facility? What happens when your go-to employee quits or retires?

The answer is that doing business as usual doesn’t help you when the worst-case scenario happens. Knowing what’s available in data protection and records management can help any business owner make the call to protect their information throughout its life cycle.

Here are a few ways to protect your business data from the unexpected:

  • Scanning– Scanning every document ensures that there is a digital backup available whenever you need it. These can be easily stored or transmitted, reducing the need for printing.
  • Off-site Storage– Keeping critical records in an off-site storage facility can free up office space for more productive work, and protect your information from disaster, theft, or employee error.
  • Audit and Legal Protection– Having indexing and backup systems in place ensures that a record is discoverable during an audit or legal process. Certified records management companies are required to maintain their facilities and procedures up to industry and regulatory standards.

Don’t take a chance that your records plan is good enough. Consult a professional to tell you how you can safeguard your business from disaster today.

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