“Wiped” doesn’t mean your hard drive data is gone forever…

Hard Drive Destruction

Did you know that even when personal or business hard drives are “wiped” clean, they still may contain sensitive or confidential data? Despite using an off the shelf product that promises to remove all their personal data, many original owners of laptops or PCs sold online still become victims of identity theft or worse.

Records management companies deliver the only sure way to keep data safe, and that means the physical destruction of the hard drive. Using industry standards set by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), hard drives are shredded into extremely small particles, which is the only way to make sure that data is unreadable and unusable. This process can protect critical business records including transaction data, customer contact information, or potentially damaging client details.

Here’s why you should destroy your hard drives and protect your information assets:

  • With a certified, documented chain of custody, data is protected throughout the destruction process, eliminating the risk of data theft or fraud.
  • By removing the opportunity for data theft, employees can focus on more critical and productive tasks, like growing a business.
  • As hard drives are destroyed, records management companies track their serial numbers, documenting the destruction process, and protecting a business from potential legal hassles.

Why take the chance that your information is still sitting on your hard drive. Don’t throw it away, shred it!


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