Workflow Automation

WorkflowTechnology is rapidly changing how companies do business. Paper is being replaced by digitally formatted records, and what used to be a labor-intensive process can now be automated, reducing inefficiency in the workplace. Records management companies can work with any size business to build workflow automation into an existing workplace. Taking the paper that comes into your business and streamlining the process of how it is handled, and where it goes.

Here are a few key reasons why workflow automation might be good for your business:

  • Control over access to records – With paper documents, access to records is much harder to control. By managing the access through online document hosting with secure logins only employees who need to see a record are allowed to view it.
  • Improve the workflow – By eliminating redundant tasks, or the opportunity for multiple people to handle the same document, you can streamline your work processes, reducing the time spent managing records.
  • Protect critical records from damage – Paper records are vulnerable to theft, temperature and weather and employee negligence. Digital records are not only available when you need them and from any location, but they’re protected from all the things that can destroy a paper record.
  • Regulatory compliance – Knowing what records to keep and for how long, should be a critical part of any company’s business plan. Records management companies can build a workflow automation system that includes best practices for any industry.

Online document hosting and 24/7 access to records can give businesses control over their data and build in records management efficiencies and improvements designed to help any business succeed.

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