Shredding by the Box

A Timely Disposal Solution for Your Confidential Business Documents by Your Local Shredding Company

A wood pallet stacked with identical cardboard archive boxes displaying the Stevens & Stevens logo

SSBRM can shred your archival records by the box. One at a time or in mass purges, we have the capability to ensure your files are destroyed in a compliant manner.

Most business owners understand that certain types of records must be retained for a specific period of time for auditing and compliance purposes.  However, fewer understand that keeping records beyond their retention period can prove to be a legal and logistical nightmare.  Cartons of documents that are kept past required retention periods may contain confidential information that can easily be compromised.  In short, the best practice is to securely shred documents that have reached the end of their life cycle.

A shredding process doesn’t need to be a drain on your internal resources and valuable time.  And yet, even feeding a handful of documents through a paper shredder can cut into your productivity.  For even one box of files, you need a secure and convenient solution.

An Easy Shredding Process with Multiple Benefits

Stevens & Stevens’ shredding by the box service minimizes data breach risks during the disposal process by offering a trusted and reliable method for destroying your documents.  Our document shredding solutions offer the following benefits:

  • privacy protection
  • upholding of client confidentiality
  • increased productivity
  • freeing up office space
  • eliminating data security breaches

Whether you have a handful of cartons or simply have one box of sensitive files, we’ll make sure that everything is shredded in the most secure and complete manner.  Simply let us know the number of cartons you need destroyed and we’ll promptly pick them up from your facility.

Documented and Secure Document Destruction

Each of our professional destruction technicians is screened and regularly trained in industry best practices with a focus on current privacy laws and regulations concerning the secure disposal of records and information.  No matter what your disposal requirements are, we consistently implement a strict chain of custody process documented with an official certificate of destruction.

Outsourcing your shredding needs to Stevens & Stevens provides the basis for a thorough and formal document destruction program for your organization.  To find out more about our shredding by the box service, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.