Understanding Your Records Needs


We’ve all read and seen the stories. Severe weather and other natural disasters impact someone in this country every day. With summer coming, tornadoes and hurricanes can play a big part in not only the destruction of personal property, but also records. Understanding that you can take steps to limit the exposure of your important…

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Social Media – Do you have a Records Management Plan in place for it?

Most of us use social media every day, whether it’s to catch up with friends and family on Facebook or to tweet out something clever about a television show or a sporting event. But it’s also increasingly becoming part of standard business communication, as companies try to capture additional customers, giving both parties the opportunity…

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What will you do to thrive when disaster strikes?

It doesn’t take a hurricane to destroy your records. It can be a fire, flood or broken pipes. You can also lose vital records when someone destroys the wrong records or purges them too soon.So, what should be included in your business’ disaster recovery plan so you can protect your vital business records? Back-ups of…

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Data and Recovery Backup Plans Could Save Your Business

Data Recovery

Loss of business records is something that happens more often than you might think. Fortunately it’s a problem that can easily be avoided. While large amounts of data can be lost during catastrophes such as hurricanes, fires and floods, it doesn’t take such large events to cause a business to lose important data. If businesses…

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