Tape & Media Storage/Archiving

Secure Long Term Retention for Your Information Assets

Tape Storage Case

SSBRM can store your long term archival storage media or tapes individually or in storage cases like the one shown above.

Regulatory and legal requirements regarding the retention of business records not only apply to paper documents and files, but due to requirements outlined in HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA, and GLB they also pertain to electronic data.  Additionally, law firms in particular, must retain information in order to support e-discovery processes.  As a result, it’s important to provide for long term, archival preservation and protection of information contained on backup tapes and magnetic and optical storage devices.

Stevens and Stevens offers the Greater Tampa Bay area and Greenville, SC business communities with the most comprehensive solution for safeguarding and managing archival information assets.  We’ve combined Florida’s most secure media vaulting facility with best in class information technology for true information management and security.  Our tape and media archival storage service offers your business the following advantages:

  • a complete audit trail for your archival backup assets
  • enhanced corporate due diligence
  • regulatory compliance
  • strengthened data recovery capabilities
  • improved Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans
  • better capability to meet litigation and e-discovery obligations

Tape and media preservation

Vault Protection

The SSBRM Vault is built to support requirements for long term media protection. This includes waterless fire suppression, temperature and humidity control.

The long term, archival storage of media requires an environment that preserves data while also protecting that data from theft.  Unfortunately, magnetic media is extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity changes.  As a result, tapes and other media assets that are stored with disregard to environmental factors may be corrupted or rendered unreadable.

Stevens & Stevens’ media vault is designed especially for the archival storage of tapes and hard drives as well as the following formats:

  • LTO, 4mm, 8mm and DLT data storage tapes
  • optical Disks: CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW,
  • audio and video tapes,
  • microfiche and microfilm
  • backup servers

Environmental controls ensure the long term preservation of magnetic and optical media so that in the event of a disaster or an audit you are assured the integrity and reliability of your data.  Temperature and humidity is maintained and monitored by an independent HVAC system while the vault is protected with a Fenwal 2320 Fire Control Panel which utilizes a FM200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System. Our media vault also offers the following features:

  • fully redundant backup power
  • digital access control
  • construction designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 mph

These systems and features combine to provide the highest protection and long term preservation for your archival backup assets.

Robust information management technology

Stevens & Stevens offers our clients the most sophisticated technology for managing their archival information assets.  All tapes are barcoded for tracking purposes. A brief description of each tape is entered in our tracking system.

Our information management software uses the latest in barcode technology and provides a fully automated system which allows each data storage device to be tracked from the moment you request either containers or individual tapes, until they are safely delivered or returned to our media vault.  Whether you need your archival inventory as part of an emergency legal or disaster recovery procedure or as part of an internal audit process, we’ll make sure that your request is handled in an efficient and secure manner.

To find out more about our tape and media storage and archiving solutions, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.