Secure Document Shredding Services

Protecting the Entirety of your Business Information

There’s a strong possibility that your business, like many others, is managing a wealth of valuable records residing in both hardcopy and digital formats.

Secure Shredding Employee

SSBRM employee emptying Secure Destruction Containers.

Additionally, a vast portion of that data may contain personal and/or confidential business information.  The disposal of such information represents one of the greatest risks of a data breach for any organization.

Compliance with disposal regulations

Over the years, improper and negligent disposal practices have led to numerous data breaches affecting millions of individuals. Various laws, including the following, have attempted to strengthen the protection of private information:

  • GLB

Businesses that fail to meet these regulatory regulations face stiff fines and possible legal consequences.  As a result, it’s important to have a trusted shredding and destruction resource to help keep your business compliant.

NAID AAA CertLOGO PANTONE 323 REG Low ResStevens & Stevens provides AAA NAID certified, secure shredding for paper, computer hard drives and all forms of magnetic media. We are a plant-based shredding company for your added security. By NAID standards, we must pass an additional 17 audit points to meet this standard over the on-site trucks. Our shredding process is recorded to video and stored for 90 days. The entire operation is protected by a state-of-the-art security system, gated fence and monitored security cameras and sensors throughout the building and property. Every employee is required to go through a seven year background check!


Shredding and destruction solutions for all of your data

Stevens & Stevens provides a full suite of shredding and destruction services for businesses across a wide range of industries throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area and Greenville, SC.

We have the ability to securely destroy all types of business records including:

  • hardcopy documents and files
  • magnetic media
  • microfilm and microfiche
  • x-rays and medical images

Confidentiality, security and professionalism

Each of our professional destruction technicians are screened and regularly trained in industry best practices with a focus on current privacy laws and regulations concerning the secure disposal of records and information.  No matter what your disposal requirements are, we consistently implement a strict chain of custody process documented with a certificate of destruction.  Our shredding and destruction services provide your business with:

  • privacy protection
  • client confidentiality
  • increased productivity
  • a method for recapturing revenue generating space
  • minimized risk of data breaches

Meeting your unique information security requirements

We understand that each organization has unique destruction needs and requirements.  That’s why we offer a full range of shredding and destruction services to accommodate your business.  Our clients have several options to choose from including:

If you’re unsure of which service best meets your business needs, we’ll provide a thorough and complimentary consultation to discuss each option and provide you with a blueprint for improved information security for your organization. We provide a range of secure collection container options to support your individual requirements.


To find out more about our shredding and destruction solutions, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.