Secure Destruction Containers keep records safe and secure!

Secure DestructionDid you know that the easiest way for data thieves to steal your confidential or proprietary information is from your own trash? Throwing away a document seems like a normal part of a business day, but it can open up a number of legal issues that can have serious, negative impacts on your business.  Secure Destruction should be a focus of every business with sensitive and confidential information.

Secure Destruction Containers, or SDCs, have solved that problem for businesses by providing secure and safe receptacles for the confidential disposal of sensitive or confidential paper documents. With regularly scheduled pick up services provided by industry-certified records management professionals, SDCs provide premium security at a lower cost.

Here’s a few of the reasons why a business should invest in a secure shredding plan which includes SDCs:

  • Privacy – Secure disposal protects the sensitive client information contained on business forms or transaction records.
  • Corporate Spying and Data Theft – Companies looking for competitive business advantages have utilized illegal searches of their competitors trash to discover company secrets or customer data.
  • Legal Compliance – Certified records management companies offering SDC services meet federal standards for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which protects the security of specific patient health records.

Why not take the worry out of your document destruction and put it in the hands of records management professionals who can deliver complete data protection?

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